andrew bees

Andrew Bees – Real Life

In Reggae & Dancehall by Nick Russell

Whether as a formidable solo artist or in the role of charismatic frontman for legendary, Grammy Award-winning reggae band Black Uhuru for the past 25 years, Andrew Bees has played a significant role in the breaking down of cultural and socio-political barriers that have often kept Jamaican reggae stars out of the American mainstream consciousness.

Teaming up with independent label LAW Records for the release of his latest solo release “Real Life”, Bees continues that legacy of bringing his personal brand of conscious roots reggae to a new generation of audiences and emerging reggae artists, while subsequently delivering a potent reminder of reggae’s capacity for social critique.

Feel good production and soulful vocals sounded strong here, and the electric guitar gave an added layer of authenticity. Enjoyed the way this one progressed with the live band feel and it came across as something which people can dance to.