Album Review: Tinchy Stryder – 360º/The Cloud 9

In Grime by Tom Hill

Album Review: Tinchy Stryder – 360º/The Cloud 9

Six years have passed since the prince of grime’s last studio album dropped but now Tinchy Stryder looks set for a big come back with the release of his fourth album. Which is a double bill – 360º/ The Cloud 9 LP.
Taking a nod to the old vinyl format the release comes as a double album being divided into two distinct sections which showcase both sides to Tinchy’s long history in grime.
360º overall takes on more of a mainstream hip hop/pop rap sound with upbeat electronic production and catchy hooks epitomised on tracks such as Streetlights, aided here by some crooning guest choruses from Bayku. Whilst this style has a tendency to dominate on this section of the album there are some exceptions working in other sounds. In The Building for example stands out with an exotic string sample to switch up the production style.
Flipping to The Cloud 9 and the tone changes suddenly with big brash opener Allow Me ushering in a grittier grime sound both lyrically and on the beats. Here in particular Tinchy sets himself up alongside good company with production from previous collaborator DaVinChe and a strong guest verse from JME.
Hook ups like these mark one the of the key features of The Cloud 9 with this side of the album sticking well and truly to its grime roots in employing a wealth of the scene’s hottest talent new and old. This section of the album also sees Tinchy taking on a range of more subject matters with Allow Me serving as a comeback to the questions and critics he faces as well as joining D Double E for the gym themed Leg Day. 
Rounding off the album’s second half The Cloud 9 is finally signed off with arguably one its strongest tracks ESG which sees Tinchy giving a true lyrical tour de force with fast past bars after bars and a thunderous beat.
Tinchy is well credited as an artist who has managed to tread the lines between both underground grime and mainstream chart success and this is truly an album that captures both sides of this. Whilst 360º provides a solid selection of radio friendly bangers there is a clear offering to fans of Tinchy’s original grime roots in The Cloud 9 making this a strong all round project.
360º/ The Cloud 9 will drop 29th April on Cloud 9 Records and will be available on iTunes.



The Cloud 9 LP

1. Allow Me (ft. Jme)

2. Dem 1z

3. Leg Day (ft. D Double E)

4. Move (ft. Bayku & Giggs)

5. Gunfingers (ft. Rapid)

6. Sekky (ft. Roachee)

7. ESG (ft. Takura)



1. Story Song

2. Streetlights (ft. Bayku)

3. Fired Up

4. In the Building (ft. Bayku)

5. No Less

6. Lost in Warfare (ft. Tanika)

7. Name on the Trophy