Album review: Statik KXNG – Statik KXNG

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Album review: Statik KXNG – Statik KXNG

“Statik don’t miss with the beats and I match it with words” raps KXNG Crooked on Magic and Bird, the second track on new Statik Selektah collaborative project Statik KXNG.

High profile rapper/producer projects usually deliver well on all levels and this is no exception. Opening with a soulful flip of Kanye West’s Good Life on I Hear Voices the duo set up a stylised approach with perfect producer/MC synergy.

Statik’s beats posses a depth and layering throughout with a range of vocal and instrumental samples and scratching.  The production also gives the album a very classic feel particularly with touches such as the warm analogue crackle and raw drum beats on many of the tracks. Statik still gives good variety though switching between styles with a powerful cinematic vibe on tracks such as Magic and Bird to the more jazzy Dead or in Jail or the smooth West Coast inspired jam Stop Playin’.

Crooked keeps the same variety going lyrically between tracks from the relentlessly tenacious flows of Magic and Bird and Good Gone Bad to the more downtempo such as Lost a Fan and Stop Playin’. This vocal dexterity also ensures he can provide a decent selection of hooks and bridges put to good effect on some of the more g funk tinged pieces such as Stop Playin’ and Everybody Know. Crooked does also bring something of the typical Slaughterhouse sound to a number of the tracks with aggressive flows and fast paced rhymes- “but I think too futuristic to ever become a new statistic, like you predicted right, i’m super gifted right, what I write is too descriptive” –on Let’s Go for example.

Across the album Statik KXNG proves a perfectly matched new link up and this debut effort stands to make a hit with any fans of pure, heavy-hitting hip hop.

Statik KXNG will drop 12th February on Showoff/Penalty Records. // //

Official Tracklisting For Statik KXNG:

1.)    ‘I Hear Voices’

2.)    ‘Magic & Bird’

3.)    ‘Lost A Fan’

4.)    ‘Everybody Know’

5.)    ‘Dead Or In Jail’

6.)    ‘Stop Playing’

7.)    ‘Good Gone Bad’

8.)    ‘Lets Go’ f/ Termanology

9.)    ‘B*tch Got Me Fucked Up’

10.)   ‘Brand New Shit’