Album: Sonny Jim, Da Fly Hooligan and Juga-Naut link up for Polo Palace – Palace Polo

In Hip Hop by Harry Martin

New heat from ‘Polo Palace’ the supergroup consisting of Sonny Jim, Da Fly Hooligan and Juga-Naut who have linked up for one of the dopest releases in recent times! With a topical and reflective start to the album, ‘Polo Palace – Palace Polo’ dives right into the talents of the three artists.

Sonny Jim delivers his signature flow across the board on the album, with tracks such as ‘Polo Palace’ and ‘Big Crest’ really highlighting his talented flow – it is no wonder he has collaborated with some of raps greats, including the late MF Doom. Da Fly Hooligan and Juga-Naut drop some of their ever impressive wordplay and lyrics on tracks such as ‘400,000 in Da Palace’ and ‘Victorian Bed Spread’.

Listen below via Bandcamp and stream the album here