Album: Ronnie Bosh – All People Expect

In Hip Hop by James Wijesinghe

“Allow me to reintroduce the recluse,” booms Ronnie Bosh as he opens up his debut solo LP All People Expect. Produced entirely by long time collaborator Dirty Dike, with additional production from Pete Cannon, this album has that nostalgic UK hip-hop flavour that only the vets can provide.

The Londoner brings his deep voice and storytelling skills to Dike’s jazzy beats, giving fans what they’ve been waiting for since the Contact Play days. Speaking of which, the album closes with a weighty team track featuring all of the legendary supergroup. Having Bosh share a tune again with Jam Baxter, Ed Scissor, Mr Key and Dirty Dike is something only possible on this project. As they chant “My clique is sicker than yours,” their chemistry is revived, and with “My dick is bigger than yours,” their vulgarity defined.

In fact, Jam Baxter’s voice is all over the album with three different appearances. One of which also features the impossibly lyrical Lee Scott, in a psychedelic banger built on choir vocals. Elsewhere on the All People Expect, Eva Lazarus joins Ronnie Bosh for a melodic slowjam ‘One’. The track melts into ‘Think – Do You Ever’, where Bosh talks about the sadder side of relationships.

Now with a full album to his name, Ronnie Bosh is more than a mouthwatering feature. He is also more than we could expect. Vinyls, cassettes and CDs are available through High Focus’ Shop.

Stream All People Expect everywhere now, or below the video.