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Album: Rexx Life Raj – Father Figure 2: Flourish

In Hip Hop by Brian Knockin

If you have yet to find out who Rexx Life Raj is it might be the time that you stopped and took a listen to his latest album ‘Father Figure 2: Flourish’. A mixture of vibrant flows and lyrics combined with harmonies and rhythms that a lot are trying to accomplish yet they just cant Rexx is a superstar sitting on the verge of something really massive. Fan favourite songs that stick out are “Forever Lit” featuring G Eazy, “Fiji”, and “Level Up” which is a hot sample of LL Cool J’s “Around The Way Girl”. These truly stand out, but the album in total stands out due to its sound that can be thrown into it’s own category of hip hop. Rexx definitely mixes vibes from all the greats in the full feature album download below in your preferred format.

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Tracklist: Rexx Life Raj’s Father Figure 2: Flourish

1. “2Free”
2. “Where I Belong”
3. “Level Up”
4. “Lowkey Lovesong” Feat. Iman Europe
5. “Paradise”
6. “Never Had Shit / Feels”
7. “Fiji”
8. “More Than Enough”
9. “Neighborhood Dopeman”
10. “Forever Lit” Feat. G-Eazy
11. “The Otherside”
12. “More Love”
13. “Not My Friend”
14. “Ventilation, Pt. 3”
15. “Burn Baby Burn” Feat. Russ