Review: P Money – Money Over Everything 2

In Grime by Jaimz Childs

Review: P Money – Money Over Everything 2

In 2009 P Money dropped ‘Money Over Everyone’ it was praised among fans and the popular in the Grime scene. In attempt to recapture the same energy and give fans what they love, the Lewisham mic man is back again for the release of his sixth mixtape ‘Money Over Everyone 2’. Known for his underground clashing and hot tempered flows, Money continues this formulaic style throughout the mixtape.

Beginning with ‘Sounds & Gimmicks’, P’s story telling skills are on point, as he intertwines popular catchphrases and rapid lyrics, about taking a “girl back to his yard”. Using references to video games and popular songs, such as “She didn’t take me serious, she should of took me serious [in reference to JME], she wanted to taste my hadouken” makes for an interesting and comedic tone to begin ‘Money Over Everyone 2’.

It’s clear that clashing is engraved in P Money’s DNA, in reference to his Lord of the Mics battle with Big H, Money sprays “heard about you getting rushed in jail, you pissed your bed” and “you got ripped off by Boy Better Know”. P holds no punches as he rips into the lethal track “Crushed”.

Throughout the mixtape P Money sticks to the style, which his fan base have become very familiar with. ‘Over & Over’ features an interesting juxtaposition of violent, deterministic verses with an introspective, soft sounding chorus, sung by P Money and Emil. Detailing the street life, his OGz crew counterparts Little Dee, Blacks and Desperado, each take listeners to the grimiest places in the city, whilst the chorus touches on the circle of life and provides a glimpse of hope.

It’s clear that this mixtape features a wide range of quality produced songs, in which P Money is able to flex his skippy flow and call on other rappers, to provide the energetic vibe. The production is high quality and showcases a level of variety, but the 20 tracks on ‘Money Over Everything 2’ can at times feel very long.

Songs like ‘My Lingo’ are great for the car and will probably be heard on the radio, lyrics like “No care for the little things, no phone just an iPod F*** a micro card, my ears are full of little sims” remind us that he is still on his A-game.

One of the strongest songs is ‘There for You’ where P Money gets personal and delivers a thoughtful and uplifting verse, telling listeners to stay tuned for the full song. Overall ‘Money Over Everyone 2’ features everything you want from the South London MC, maybe not in 20 songs, but it does offer an entertaining and variety of sounds, which can be played for any occasion.

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Sounds & Gimmicks  (Prod. by 28 Hurtz)

Who’s in Charge (Prod. by Kahn & Neek & Plastician) 

Crushed  (Prod. by Swifta) 

Shotta  (Prod. by Royal T )

Roll Up ft Deadly, Blacks & Saf One (Prod. by Footsie)

No Hook ft Spooks & Desperado (Prod. by QuietPvck)

Over & Over ft OGz & Emil (Prod. by Fly)

Sounds of the Sir ft Newham Generals (Prod. by Spyro)

On a Fun One  (Prod. by Shredda)

My Lingo  (Prod. by Thomas Mellor)

Feel My Bass  (Prod. by Heavytrckerz)

Pepper Riddim  (Prod. by Rapid)

Money ft Splurgeboys  (Prod. by Splurgeboys)

Yearrhh  (Prod. by Heavytrckerz)

Pressurized  (Prod. by Proxima)

Banditt Riddem ft Desperado  (Prod. by Crayzee Banditt)

Bags Under My Eyes  (Prod. by Shredda)

You Know Me  (Prod. by SNY)

There For You (Prod. by Crayzee Banditt)

Bonus Track: Never left Prod. by Kenny D