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Album Review: Matty Lloyd explores tales of suicide, drugs, music and more in ‘Episode One’ [produced by Nutty P]

In Hip Hop by Vicky Thompson

Introducing ‘Episode One’, the debut full length project from Matty Lloyd, produced in full by the widely revered veteran Nutty P, a name we’ve been supporting well over 10 years! The album features well respected emcees Nolay and Mic Righteous, with Nutty P and Suspense also adding vocal value throughout.

Episode One’ is an expressive lyrical piece of art which reflects on the dips and dives of emotional turmoil, delving into tales of suicide, depression and personal hardship. With his searingly sincere lyrics and use of different vocal styles and rhyming patterns, Lloyd is strikingly open with his words, woes and wisdom.

The structural make-up of the project goes in and out of range like ocean waves, from aggressive and assertive, to humble and hopeless, from one track to the next – somewhere between a still lake and an open storm.

Lloyd subtly conveys a range of inspirations and influences throughout. Especially those not expressed by a lot of UK artists, from his selection of beat patterns, to his vocal style and lyrical delivery. Speaking on making the project with Nutty P, Matty explained “We touch on numerous topics throughout, some being extremely serious and others just generally taking the piss.  We just had fun with it. There was no feeling of being competitive, trying to get one up on the other or trying to fit into whatever is deemed relevant by industry standards. They don’t make the music, we do!”

The album is the beginning of a brand new era for Lloyd, as it appears to have stripped away any thematic responses to commercial preferences. The rapper delivers his project in a ‘journal’ like manner, with a ‘scribble down notes’ aesthetic. Though the structure of the project is somewhat sporadic, this does not deter the depth of the feelings towards the issues addressed. From depression and suicide to drugs and the music industry, the album confronts several important subjects that often go unchallenged.

Clarity, produced by Nutty P, is a track in particular that opens up about the severity of male suicide in the country. Although not an incredibly politically driven project, Matty Lloyd had some news to share in Episode One, and he wants us to listen.

Stream the album via YouTube below or via your preferred streaming outlet here, and watch the video for Clarity below!