Album Review: Harry Fraud – Rogues Playlist Vol. 2

In Hip Hop by Tom Hill

Album Review: Harry Fraud – Rogues Playlist Vol. 2

2016’s been quite a year for New York producer Harry Fraud and it’s all been brought together along with several new tracks for 20 track compilation Rogue’s Playlist Vol. 2.
The project features a mammoth ensemble cast including big names such as Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa and Action Bronson. Over its length we get a broad showcase of Harry’s production work ranging from mellow soulful tracks such as Above the Law and Don’t Forget to the funk tinged Dealer Plates to the electro and synth led Because Liquor & Drugs.
The range of MCs also makes for eclectic listening with some particularly stylised deliveries. Downton Dion for example delivers Only in a powerful, semi-sung style whilst Dealer Plates sees Action Bronson offering trademark punchy delivery and lyrics.

Despite the diverse range of input Harry’s overarching production gives a unified melancholy and reflective vibe across much of the compilation with a range of soulful vocal and instrumental samples. The tracks fully embracing this vibe prove some of the strongest in particular such as the stirring and emotional riffs on Guns and Butter which combined with the blunt social messages of Cormega makes for compelling listening.

Rogues Playlist Vol. 2 is a broad mix of new and best of material offering something for everyone and a good snapshot of Harry Fraud’s work across the year. The compilation is available for streaming on SoundCloud above.