You Only Live 2wice

Album Review: Freddie Gibbs – You Only Live 2wice [+ stream]

In Hip Hop by Elliott Nielson

Our review on Freddie Gibbs – You Only Live 2wice

You Only Live 2wice has been beautifully timed and well-crafted.  The most lit 8-track project this year so far from Gibbs reeks of deep set personal experience back dropped on soulful choruses.

Longtime fans of Freddie Gibbs have to be loyal; last year saw a challenging set of events for the rapper from Indiana. Whilst in Vienna, Austria, two teenage girls were met Gibbs and his entourage backstage. When the rapper returned to Europe for another tour he was arrested in France in a sting reminiscent of Hollywood film.

He faced severe racism in European custody and endured the experience of losing the respect and love of family, friends and fans. This album is the music made during and after his successful fight against the case.

It’s a head-held high tape for the grafters and those facing shit loads of resistance in their life. Like Kendrick, like almost every hip-hop artist this year it’s his ‘thuggin’ essence over drilling trap beats. This tape however has some serious R&B.

The first half is straight Gibbs thugging the beats but the latter half will certainly have you chucking hand signs, singing along doing all kinds of madness.

Gibbs’ sung choruses, despite being pretty lit compromise his unique lyrical descriptives but it’s a short project and gives you what you need.

You Only Live 2wice has unloaded every awkward, unfair and quite cruel accusation Freddie Gibbs had to face in 2016,  damn, it sounds as good as a resurrection might feel.

Cop ‘You Only Live 2wice’