Album Review: Freddie Gibbs + Madlib – Piñata

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Album Review: Freddie Gibbs + Madlib – Piñata

Bolstered by the momentum from previous EPs that the duo of Madlib and Freddie Gibbs have done, (singles Thuggin’ and Shame have combined view of 3.4 million on Youtube!), and singles ‘Deeper’, ‘Harold’s’ and also hiding an advance copy of the LP in Los Angeles in a Zebra Piñata, it is safe to say that the marketing and music are speaking for themself in this long awaited release from Freddie Corleone and Madlib the bad kid.

You was short on ends at your college, you would put em up (put em up)/

Well bitch I’m out here puttin’ on /

I hope you feel the pain I’m feelin’ when you hear this song”,

The part narrative story telling raps that Gibbs excels at so much are accompanied perfectly by the production of long standing stalwart Madlib. The long awaited collaboration though, with Facemob is worth the wait, as is Raekwon, although Mac Miller, G-Wiz, Casey Veggies and more stop by to pull their lyrical weight.

With that being said, Gibbs and Madlib have pulled off an eagerly anticipated release that is more than worth your money. Make sure when it drops officially on March 18th that you support it.

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