Album Review: Fliptrix – The Road to the Interdimensional Piff Highway

In Hip Hop by Suave Debonair

Within minutes of the first time I met Fliptrix in a dingy Brighton flat he’d sold me a CD of his album ‘Theory of Rhyme’ which is testament in itself to this dudes grind. That was a good few years back now and it would seem our man Flips hasn’t held back when it comes to driving himself and his vision forward. His label High Focus has seen allot of success in 2012 and in my opinion has one of the most exciting line up’s in UK Hip Hop today. 

His latest offering ‘The Road to The Interdimensional  Piff Highway’ is his second full length project this year and bears the High Focus signature of quality underground rap music. Some might call it ‘Boom Bap’ the genre within a genre and I’d have to agree in putting it under that flag.

Beat wise there isn’t a huge amount of originality here, but that’s not to say it’s not heavy or well produced because it is. As the saying goes “if it aint broke don’t fix it” and if you can smash out bars with a 4-bar hook and still kill it then do that. Flips does it well, the beats are all on point and the cuts are tight too. As far as subject matter for the album, it’s an exploration of life executed with intelligent vocab and poetic delivery.

There’s a trippy element that runs through the 14 tracks that does give this album a stand out quality though. As you progress listening it starts to feel more like a journey to expand your mind and open your eyes to see things differently. That’s not an easy task, to rhyme about these subjects and things that are seen as conspiracy theories is nothing new but Flips manages to draw you in and engage without coming across preachy or condescending.

To sum it up the more I listen to this album the more I appreciate its craft and execution and on that basis I think it deserves a place in any UK Hip Hop fan’s collection. Fliptrix, if this thing were a skateboard it’d be the ill set up, trust. Big up High Focus.    

Stand out tracks: ‘The Realisation’, ‘Heart Full of Love’ and ‘Been Here Before’.

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