Gentleman's Dub Club

Album release: Gentleman’s Dub Club return with ‘Down To Earth’

In Reggae & Dancehall by Nick Russell

One of the UK’s most treasured live acts Gentleman’s Dub Club are back with their unique fusion of reggae, dub, jazz, ska and electronica with a brand new album ‘Down To Earth’. Mainly recorded in London, the band worked around the limitations of lockdown and managed to write together, record, and mix at Crosstown Studios, which is owned by bassist/producer Toby Davies and drummer Ben McKone (of General Roots).

Led by ‘Honey’ featuring Hollie Cook, the first full collaboration the two industry heavyweights have fully done together. They followed with one of our favourite songs of 2021 so far, Night Shift, featuring Gardna –

You can stream the album via Bandcamp below or grab Down To Earth on your favourite streaming platform here.