Album: Phoenix da Icefire & Husky Brown – Panacea

In Hip Hop by James Wijesinghe

Panacea is the new album from rapper and producer duo Phoenix da Icefire and Husky Brown. By defenition, a ‘panacea’ is a remedy for all problems, and this album has everything. The experimental project is an 18 track journey through multiple flavours of hip-hop, passing through dub, funk, R&B, and beyond. Various interludes add atmospheric pauses between high energy tunes, giving time for Phoenix’s bars to set in. The prolific Chemo (AKA Telemachus) mastered the album, making Husky Brown’s broad production sound crisp and clean. Listen to Panacea via New Dawn Records or stream below.

@phoenixdaicefire / @huskybrown.official