Album review: Amy True – Question Authority

In Hip Hop by Tom Hill

Album review: Amy True – Question Authority

Repping the UK’s underground conscious hip hop scene to the full Amy True offers latest EP Question Authority. Throughout the album’s eight tracks the title remains the central motif with lyrical challenges to the music industry, government and simply peoples’ awareness of the real nature of the world.

Question Authority is as much story based though and is peppered with narration of her own stories. Opening with the mellow retro sample of Falling Stars this honest narration is shown from the beginning.

Like fellow Peoples Army artist and previous collaborator Akala, Amy True maintains knowledge, the fifth element of hip hop, as a key theme across her lyrics- literally forming part of the chorus on Out The Box. Out The Box also serves to demonstrate her abilities as both an MC and singer, a versatility that is well played with throughout the album. Accompanying the lyricism of Question Authority the production of the album is beautifully crafted shifting largely between soulful samples as on Radio and Falling Stars, or even the hauntingly orchestral I Feel, and powerful violin riffs as on Growing Up and You Might Need.

Question Authority is an album which manages to be thought provoking and political in a refined way and provides a prime example of the UK’s underground talent for any listener seeking more from their music.
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