Akongo Rekords’ Kissangwa Kongo Genius debuts ‘Keep That Joy’

In Reggae & Dancehall by Harry Martin

As a multi-talented singer, drummer, composer, and producer, Congolese  artist Kissangwa‘s latest release is a track that keeps the positivity flowing and encourages listeners to keep their heads up. ‘Keep That Joy’ is an introspective single that comes from a source of humanity; fulfilling the need to push and grow one another’s spirits.

A song that grew over ten years, this track does the reggae genre justice with its ability to evoke positivity and the momentum to keep moving forward. A laid back and classic reggae mix, ‘Keep That Joy’ is guaranteed to raise your mood, its catchy wordplay cements the track in your mind and wants you to leave it on a loop.

“KISSANGWA is the heartbeat of four of our five songs around the world. His rhythm and timing represent the beat that unites us all.”  – PLAYING FOR CHANGE

Stream the track here