Afrobeat artist KENNIBEATZ drops new single ‘Live Again’

In Afrobeats by Nick Russell

Ghanaian artist KENNIBEATZ channels warm melodies and a slick, afro-infused beat with his new single ‘Live Again’, which implores his fans to acknowledge that while we have only one life, we still have the opportunity to right our wrongs – even if we are unable to go back in time and correct them! Paired with the slow and luscious beat, the audience can fully immerse themselves in the listening experience of Live Again, and use it as an opportunity to self-reflect. Inspired by heartbreaking stories shared with him, and also a few of his own, ‘Live Again’ took around two weeks in two studio sessions, before it was recorded, but the data was unfortunately lost after the recording, and all they had as evidence of their hard work was the mp3!! Thanks to Sir AB, the engineer who worked with them, adjusted the mp3 and managed to rectify all issues with this masterpiece.
Knowing he always had an innate talent and affinity for music all of his life, KENNIBEATZ subsequently joined an acapella group in school and his church to progress his singing, whilst he also learnt to play the drums and keyboard to improve his understanding of music. He released two tracks, ‘MONEY & LOVE’ and ‘SANKOFA’ in 2020 – both of which firmly placed him as an emerging talent within afrobeats. He thrives off making good music relating to life, music that speaks to people, and with this newest release, he continues to create and inspire, and is willing to show the world what he has under his sleeve.