Aesop Rock & Blockhead release collaborative album ‘Garbology’

In Hip Hop by Nick Russell

Aesop Rock and long time musical ally Blockhead have just dropped their collaborative album Garbology via Rhymesayers. Having worked together as long their careers stretch back in time, the two have linked up for their first length release together, which came about in the midst of Aesop processing the loss of a close friend almost 2 years ago. Having decided on writing as the path forward, Aesop hit up Blockhead for some beats.

“The world got real weird during those months,” recalls Aesop. “I knew at some point I had to get back to making something. Make a beat. Draw a picture. Write. Just go. But the idea of making a beat felt like math homework, and drawing is just so hard. Writing is hard too, but at some point I had to pick one.”

Stream Garbology here


1. The Only Picture
2. Jazz Hands
3. Wolf Piss
4. Legerdemain
5. Difficult
6. All The Smartest People
7. Oh Fudge
8. More Cycles
9. Flamingo Pink
10. All Day Breakfast (feat. Homeboy Sandman)
11. Fizz
12. That is Not a Wizard
13. The Sea
14. Abandoned Malls