A run down of TY’s 10 dopest songs #RIPTY

In Hip Hop by Nick Russell

Late on May 7th 2020, the hip hop community was hit the tragic news that Ben Chijioke better known as TY had passed away from pneumonia whilst being treated for coronavirus. To pay respects to this unique talent we felt it was only right to give you a rundown of what our editor felt were his greatest songs.

Widely regarded a fundamental element of hip hop in the UK, the Brixton rapper and producer had a sound matched by none. Upholding the integrity of the culture, you could hear the utmost importance of how his songs were delivered with professionalism and creativity. Beyond his refined craft as an emcee, TY also was a hugely talented producer; embedding jazz, funk and soul into hip hop to entertain and enhance the listener’s experience.

His debut album Awkward in 2001 which was signed to Big Dada is still considered a classic. As is his 2004 album Upwards, which was nominated for the Mercury Prize. Following that, his rap career was never dormant, releasing a string of singles and albums and in 2019 was one-third of Kingdem alongside fellow pioneers Rodney P and Blak Twang. So in this post, we are paying our respects to the South Londoner whose legacy will live on for years to come. Look out for our forthcoming podcast with TY, where he reveals the albums which formed a major part of his years growing up… 

‘The Nonsense’ [2001]

‘Wait a Minute’ [2001]

‘We Don’t Care’ [2003]

‘Rain’ [2003]

‘Ha Ha’ [2003]

‘Oh You Want More’ [2003]


‘I want 2’ [2003]

Closer [2006]

‘Emotions’ [2010]

Brixton Baby [2017]