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7 days till our 10th anniversary event in London – panel discussion & MC competition details here!

In Grime, Hip Hop by Nick Russell

With just one week to go until our 10th anniversary hip hop and grime party on December 16th, we have just announced not just one but TWO events which precede the main event which takes place from 9-3am. We have just announced a panel discussion covering one of the primary elements of hip hop culture, ‘Knowledge of Self’.  From 6.30pm, we invite the following panelists to speak as part of a discussion on the theme of hip hop’s role in people attaining self-knowledge leading to true self esteem. Knowledge of Self is a key unsung aspect of hip hop culture, and has shown over the last 45 years to have had a healthy effect on young people’s attitudes to education, peer pressure, prejudice and the pursuit of excellence. Panellists are:

Register for the panel discussion here – 

The second part of the night is a competition for up and coming rappers and MCs to win one of two prizes, by entering our 16 Bar Challenge! More details and application form can be found here.

Purchase advanced tickets for the concert and panel discussion here