5EB – Silento (Official Video)

In Hip Hop by Nick Russell

5EB’s new video ‘Silento’ is a statement of intent for the rest of his year, and places him amongst some of the most exciting rap talents out of the UK! Referencing US rapper Silentó (the one hit wonder who was arrested for the murder of his cousin), the song showcases both his engaging flow patterns and his lyrical dexterity. Having sold out the O2 Academy Islington in less than 30 minutes, he was also  included in Dummy Magazine‘s Top 10 under 18’s list, the 19 year old prodigy continues to consistently give it his all.
Speaking on the single, 5EB states: “Silento is a reflection of young people’s lives, specifically through a Londonders view”. Silento highlights 5EB’s mission to not be a viral moment, including bars like “You’re just a one hit wonder, I wonder, do you ever feel like Silento?” – referencing fall from grace of the artist behind ‘Whip Nae Nae’.