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Sponsored post: Save time and finesse your merchandise photos with Craft Mock Ups

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Some of you reading this were there, but for those who weren’t, try to imagine living before the days of the internet. A time when it cost a fortune to call abroad, the web was what spiders weaved on your actual windows and you didn’t have access to showcase your skills to billions of strangers around the world!  

Now, what if you’re a super talented music producer and you have spent the past eighteen months writing, recording and mastering your new album… You are sure this will be the best piece of work you’ve created! The product of hundreds of late nights and early mornings have finally come into fruition. Now is the time to reap the rewards of all that emotional investment. 

Being so proud of your work, you want to ensure that when your album is available to your fans, they will love the artwork too. And of course, you want your fans to know they can buy into more than just the album. You want to sell the merchandise too! We’re talking t-shirts, hoodies, even plastic coffee cups and key rings with your album artwork on!  

When your artwork is showcased on products like t-shirts, mugs and caps you would need them placed in context, rather than in a generic setting! Buying all those ‘in-context’ props, paying for professional photography and editing services (or equipment) will put a major dent into your profits. You know that they would be in demand on your official website and Bandcamp, but without the budget for a photography team and photo studio, your products will look more amateur. What if your official branded products could be showcased in the context of how your fan base would use it?  

You have your official website up and running and it’s crucial that your merchandise is showcased correctly, not just on a generic backdrop. Lucky for you, here is the solution. The Craft Mockups offerings, provided by British company Design Bundles provide you with a staggeringly cost-effective, yet easy to use way of showcasing your products. Design Bundles, which has been running nearly four years can provide you with affordable digital products such as Graphics, Templates, Mock Ups, Patterns, Illustrations and Craft Files. Check out this example of a mug mockup, where your designs can be showcased on your official website’s store page (like Etsy), in context of how you envisage them to be used by your target audience.  Check this out as an example of what Design Bundles provides. Your album artwork could be envisaged on to a framed picture, and placed into context.

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Let’s flip the perspective, and suggest that you’re the person doing the graphic design. Imagine it’s 1985. You have a groundbreaking new concept of illustration and design that you want to let people around the world see. But you live in a remote village and the only people who you can show are the locals who barely appreciate the talent you’re bringing to them… if only you could reach the people who do! Fast forward to 2020 and we’re in a position where geographical locations and distances between people are no longer a barrier to showcase your talent! 

The internet has torn down these barriers so that creatives can now reach audiences, raise their profile and get noticed to generate an income. Imagine going back in time and describing this to talented creatives. They probably wouldn’t even believe you! What if there was a place to showcase your visual skills in logo design, illustration and more but placed in a range of exciting and original contexts? To ensure your potential customers will understand how your designs look in ‘real-life’, you don’t want to present your designs on a blank background, right? You don’t even want to showcase your work in a generic setting either! And realistically, you want to avoid having to buy a bunch of equipment to set the scene! 

This is where Design Bundles comes in useful. They offer an extensive online marketplace which connects you with others who have already done the time-consuming work. You no longer have to worry about investing in the wooden frames, the photography equipment (trust me, a good lens costs a lot!) and all the other outgoings associated with having your work shot and edited. Not to mention the time that is taken to shoot the full range of your merchandise in varying colours, sizes and formats! 

This means that after putting in just a few hours worth of time, your branded merchandise could be placed right in customers’ living room, bedroom and studio! It could also mean that you can sell more products. Why just stick with a white t-shirt when your artwork could be better placed on a cap? Why limit the number of formats to sell your merchandise on, when you don’t even need to create the images of the merchandise? You get the picture right? 

Instead of having to set this all up yourself, you can browse over 150,000 Marketplace Products. When it comes to the price, this is one of the best parts about it. You can save big money on their Curated Design Bundles, with up to 96% off the Recommended Retail Price. 

Instead of creating the products themself, they specialize in connecting talented independent designers with customers who are looking for thrifty ways to meet their needs. They do this through an easy to use Design Marketplace. 

If you’re wondering whether there are any commercial restrictions when using Design bundles, they have got it all covered, as when you make a purchase there is a premium license included. This means you’re legally allowed to use these images for commercial purposes. With their technical support provided by their team, they will help you round the clock. You get to download them an unlimited number of times too. Design Bundles even offer tutorials so you can learn to do more when showcasing your skills. Find out more on their website, and just imagine how many more ways you can turn your visual merchandize into a passive income!