Lowkey – Soundtrack to the Struggle 2

In Hip Hop by Josh Hood

After a 7-year hiatus, Lowkey, the GOAT of politically informed rap, marks his comeback to the British hip-hop scene with Soundtrack to the Struggle 2 – a time he has used to observe and ruthlessly scrutinise current affairs with the razor-sharp tongue of a master of his genre. Across the comprehensive 20-track album, Lowkey addresses contemporary tragedies such as the Grenfell Tower fire, and 2015 migrant crisis, alongside colonial incidents from Africa and the Middle East, to point to an institutionally flawed British society. While ‘divide and conquer’ was originally a war-tactic employed by empires in overseas territories, Lowkey suggests that this approach has infiltrated current political and tabloid rhetoric to split communities by championing self-interest over collective action and support. Soundtrack to the Struggle 2 seeks to provide the elixir to the malediction of apathetic ‘spectatorship(s)’, by promoting togetherness and empathy. We see this manifest on the album in the number of collaborative tracks; Lowkey injects the angelic tones of singers Mai Khalil and Kaia, the political commentary of Noam Chomsky and Greg Blackman, and hands production responsibilities over to no less than 9 different producers, across the project. Confront injustice and censorship by playing Lowkey’s determined verses for all to hear, always remembering that as a society, we are greater than the sum of our parts – the ‘rope is strong because of strings interwoven’. 

‘Confront the culture of power with the power of culture!’